Seasons in Pattaya. Climate in Pattaya

Pattaya is considered the most popular resort in Thailand. The infrastructure here is well developed, and almost ideal conditions exist for windsurfing, beach rest, diving, all sorts of entertainments as well as all kinds of excursions.
In addition, Pattaya is an amazing place where large elite hotels of world-class service and tiny cozy guesthouses peacefully coexist. Comfortable restaurants and small roadside eateries, noisy nightlife and complete seclusion at nearby islands are all equally available.

However, to fully enjoy everything Pattaya offers one should be aware of the seasons which of course directly depend on the climate.

Indeed, Pattaya does have the warm tropical climate. 30 degrees Celsius above zero is quite normal for this resort. However, even in spite of such heat, your vacation can be hopelessly ruined  if, for example, you go to Pattaya from July to August. Why? The answer is quite simple. At this time a traditional rain season will start. That is why, when planning a holiday in Pattaya, take into account this important point.

The best period of holiday here is from November to April. Peak of the season falls on January 1 and on the Thai New Year (in April). Do not forget that at this time the prices for services and goods are significantly increasing and the hotels are completely packed with tourists from all over the world. Nevertheless, even this price increase will not dramatically affect your wallet as compared to the rest of the world Pattaya still will offers you the most affordable prices.

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  • April 14, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    I would like to go during the Thai New Year. Should be fun.


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