What can I bring to Thailand across the border?

Thai customs are quite demanding concerning the rules on carrying medicines, food and various substances into Thailand. Let’s talk about what’s forbidden so you do not have problems. Please understand that there are official rules, and if some dude claims that he managed to bring in one of the prohibited drugs or more alcohol than allowed then he was really lucky, but you may not be.

Personal or commercial?

The amount of personal belongings that you can bring to Thailand with no questions asked is 20,000 baht. This can be a gift in the package or, for example, a cell phone with a receipt. Thais have no objection to expensive laptops and cameras, provided they are personal. You can ran into problems if transporting packaged goods or commercial lots.

Personal items must be declared if they exceed the amount of 80,000 baht. Otherwise, problems may arise when you leave the country.

Currency can be taken without restrictions into the country, but the amount of more than $20,000 must be declared.

It is forbidden to bring to Thailand

  • Any pornographic materials or intimate items with the image of genitals.
  • PNVs and hookah.
  • Firearms and ammunition (for example, fireworks or firecrackers).
  • Narcotic and psychotropic substances.
  • Gold bars and plates.
  • Counterfeit and pirate copies.
  • Dogs of fighting breeds (pit bull terrier; American Staffordshire Terrier; American Staffordshire Bull Terrier.)
  • It is prohibited to carry in powerbanks with capacities higher than 32,000 mAh. Powerbanks with lower capacity must be transported only in carry-on luggage.

You can bring to Thailand with no duty

  • 200 cigarettes per person. If you are flying with your family, you can take twice as much, but cigarette packs need to be packaged equally for husband and wife. No cigarettes for a child.
  • 1 liter of alcohol per adult. It does not matter whether it is wine, beer or vodka and what is the strength – they count by volume.

If you are trying to carry more goods than the established limit without registering things and paying a duty you will be charged 4 times the cost of the goods.

Therefore, if you have a value or volume of goods that exceeds the limits, you must declare it. To do this, go to the red corridor and declare the goods.

Regarding the food you take to Thailand. Thais don’t mind your transportation of sausage, seeds and buckwheat. However, you may be suspected the goods are being transported commercially if the amount exceeds 20,000 baht. Also, you should not transport food in your carry-on luggage.

In case of bringing in the animals, you must have all certificates.

Bringing the drugs to Thailand

Thailand has very strict legislation and many drugs that are not narcotic in our country are recognized as such. For example the familiar Corvalol is banned against moving into Thailand due to the content of phenobarbital.

There are two kinds of illicit drugs in the country: narcotic and psychotropic.

Here is the official list of illicit drugs that cannot be brought into Thailand without documents NARCO-list. Some of them (category 2) can be taken into Thailand if you have proper documents and the corresponding permission. More on this here guidance-for-travelers-to-thailand.

If you have questions or are in doubt whether any of your drugs contains narcotic substances, check FAQ or use this official form to verify.

Remember that many medicines can be purchased in Thailand. Perhaps you don’t need to prepare a first aid kit, when you go to Thailand, since you can buy everything right there.

Please check this video for clearer understanding the customs procedures.

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