My little happiness: my Thai girlfriend in Pattaya

Few bloggers write about Thai girls. It is understandable, they are not willing to open their personal life. I don’t give a damn, therefore I have nothing to hide.

How we met

I met Tei in February. As usual, we were sitting on the pier (end of Walking Street) and drinking with a Russian company. My friend noticed two Thai girls who were walking and eating something sweet in waffle cups. He asked that they share their sweetness. The girls laughed, looked at each other and gave us a taste of it. As it turned out, it was jam with hot peppers in a waffle. Thai food always surprises you.

I really liked one of the girls and I “laid eyes on her.” I immediately noticed that the girls were looking for customers, so I said that such options would not interest me.

My This girlfriend Tay

We exchanged phone numbers and the girls went to have fun in a club. Two hours later she called and said she wouldn’t mind to continue the acquaintance. I was already almost asleep, so it did not work out. I said that if she wanted she could come to my hotel. I could not explain her the address of the hotel, but my friend who was supposed to help me found a Russian girl by that time and was not going to assist me. Traitor!

My This girlfriend Tay

I said that I would call tomorrow and went asleep. In the morning we talked on the phone and met in a cafe with her and her friend. As it turned out, she had not slept all night. I took her home (I lived literally 300 meters from Tukom) and she never left.

Tei’s story

What I liked about her was her calmness, balance and maybe the fact that she was a phlegmatic person which was a great option for my character.

In two days, Tei took her stuff and moved in to live with me. Before that, a strict condition was set by me – farang is not paying. She was in such a situation she did not really have a choice.

My This girlfriend Tay

She had arrived to Pattaya 4 months ago, worked at a Go-Go bar but then left  it. She was born in Isan, Kon Khen. Her family was not good – her mother broke up with a husband while having  4 children. And Tei herself in her 19 years already had a 1-year-old child. As she explained – she had become pregnant from a Thai man, they had lived together and then he began to drink and beat her. She had to leave him and come back home. Mom told her, go make money, you won’t be sitting on my neck.

Judging by her talks, I understood that she deserved how her husband had treated her.

By the way, I recommend, never feel sorry for Thai girls. They always have stories to tell you.

She is nice

What I liked about Tei was a wide smile, open  soul and a childish view at the world. Here is an example: she is lying on a bed, switching channels, then finds a cartoon and laughs loudly. I say, Tei, this is a cartoon for children. You’re not a child but already a mom. Why are you watching cartoons?

She says, look how funny. I sit down next to her. There is a show about worms that live in sewers. You may have seen it, a cartoon is realy for children 3-6 years old. And we watch and laugh together.

My This girlfriend Tay

Tei also loved Thai songs very much. She would turn on the music channel and not just watch but sing along.

Everybody who saw her would say,  she is 13 years old at most! I have to say, I dressed her like that on purpose. It was the Thai New Year and we went to celebrate it.

My This girlfriend Tay

Childish spontaneity, happiness about some small things, a wide sincere smile and all this right from the heart.

She was easy to suprise. Could spend hours looking at my white skin and smiling. She asked a lot about Ukraine, wondered why I would not smile a lot and why I communicate with Russians in Russian.

If we fight

Sometimes we fought. If she is offended, she is not talking to me.

My This girlfriend Tay

I am not an easy guy as well. Sometimes I get offended too and would not communicate with her for half a day. Then we go to bed and she turns to me and quietly says, sorry…  And hugs me as if I am going to go somewhere far away and this is our last night.

How could I not forgive?

2 thoughts on “My little happiness: my Thai girlfriend in Pattaya

  • December 19, 2019 at 4:00 am

    I’m glad you found your Thai girlfriend. Some people say bad things about Thai as a girlfriend but in my opinion, every relationship has ups and downs. Girls from other country are even up for the money. All am saying is, all people from all over the world are equal, there are good ones and bad ones.

    I think most people would agree.

  • November 5, 2021 at 2:48 pm

    I haven’t visited Khon Kaen, only passed through. It looks like there is more new building and infrastructure than in, for example, Korat and Udon Thani. Seems less chaotic too, less affected by yaba. It might be nice to visit.

    It’s difficult to marry a Thai woman, that’s the thing, and you certainly aren’t rewarded as a foreign spouse. Many western men do take Thai brides, and I always honor them for it because it’s not easy to do. The immigration system prevents any opportunism because there has always been encroachment by colonial regimes and powerful neighbors with plans to expand.

    It’s the value system and religion, I think, that makes the women such valuable company, though. So I often try to make women friends from the neighboring countries, where foreign marriage and property ownership isn’t as discouraged. Laos is actually very demanding about foreigners must be married to a Lao if they want to share a Lao bed.


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