Thai massage in Pattaya

Let me start from this: my first Thai massage was done in Thailand. Before that, I had never had it.
There are many types of massages in Thailand, here is a list

  • Foot massage
  • Oil-massage
  • Thai massage
  • Head and collar zone massage

I want to describe the Thai massage. I like it very much and I go for it almost every day .

My very first impression was very unpleasant. Our understanding of massage is as it is something relaxing. However, the Thai massage is not only pleasing but it also hurts! I had a feeling that all my bones were broken and then recollected. Well, after a couple of massage sessions you will get used to it and there will be no more pain.

Interesting that Thai massage is done with feet, body and hands. Some nuances may differ but the principle is common.

So, here is my review of Thai massage.

Typically, the massage costs from 100-300 baht for 1 hour.

Advice: I do not recommend going to massage salon at lively tourist streets, you  better go to some side streets. You will find a cheaper and even better quality service.

Normally, in massage parlors, you can select the one who will do the service. Since there are a lot of men in Pattaya, most massaging girls are under 30.

By the way, the Thai erotic massage is a modern version of the massage, while during ancient times only men were doing massage because fragile girls simply did not have enough physical strength.

Most of the massage in Pattaya is done by those who came from Isan, as they do not have jobs out there.

Girls, while doing massage, would talk to you, ask where you came from, how long have been in Thailand and so on. These phrases are common and you can understand what they say even without knowing English.

In many Thai salons, especially with the names like Angel, Body, Sexy, you can order services such as “happy end” or “hand help ” (in Thai it’s “chakwai”).

It may cost from 500 baht to infinity.

Body massage in Pattaya

Here is one of the Salons’ address: Soi 3. 2nd RD Pattaya, cost 1500-3000 baht.

Attention: In such salons ladyboys work as well. If you can’t recognize them ask for a staff help.


Attention: when ordering such a service be careful. Very often a girl who does the massage does not do this, so she will leave and another girl will come in. So if it’s important for you that the one who does the massage did the whole service to you, ask for it.

It is often possible to agree with the girl about the continuation after her work. She may be looking for a guy for a long relationship which is common at the massage salons. So don’t be surprised like I was a few times when the girl started sticking to me. Once, a girl suggested that I do whatever I like to her after she learned I was single in Thailand.

Please understand the the reason for such behavior is low salaries which depend on how many clients she has and would be from 7 to 12 thousand baht.

And here is an example of a classic Thai massage:

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    i want to have a thai massage in thailand not anywhere else


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