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Please note: this website is an English translation of a Russian-language blog.
We believe it’s very useful to anybody interested in Thailand no matter where you are from. That’s why we are making the translations. There are about 100 articles and we will be posting more. Stay tuned!
From the Blogger:

Short Auto-biography

My name is Eugen Moldovanu, I am 31, from Ukraine, single. Since 2007-2008 I am in the Internet industry. From 2008, I stopped working for somebody else and all my income comes from my online business. In 2009 I became an active traveler.
First, I traveled around Crimea Mountains. I hiked more than 40 kms in Crimea.

Then, I stormed Carpathians. I conquered Goverla and hiked over 200 kms through the mountains.
In 2012 I moved to Belarus, to Mogilev city.

In 2012 I went to Thailand and once I saw its beauty I decided to come back there again for a longer time.

On Pattaya Beach:

In 2012-2013 I lived in Thailand for more than 6 months.

On the Walking street:

Close to Big Buddha (Pattaya):

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Skype: devvvermaxter

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Note: this website is an English translation of the Russian-language blog located at mytravelring.com.

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