10 Best Beaches of Phuket

The largest island of Thailand – Phuket – welcomes guests with an abundance of beaches, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Absolutely everyone can find a rest for himself or herself here. There are places in Phuket where life does not freeze for a minute. If you are a fan of a more relaxing holiday, then the island is ready to offer small cozy beaches with azure water and fine sand. In this article, we will tell you about the most popular beaches of Phuket, which have already managed to win the love of many tourists.

Patong beach

Patong can be safely put at the first place in attendance. There is probably no person who would not hear about this famous part of Phuket. The beach primarily attracts young and middle-aged men.

And all due to the fact that within its borders is Bangla Road with its many nightclubs, bars and discos. Life in Patong is in full swing around the clock. But this does not necessarily mean that music will sound loudly under your windows at night.

The northern part of the beach is quieter and if you choose a hotel there, you can even stay in it even with children.

There are hotels of all categories. The average daily room rate varies between 2500-3000 baht. But even at such rates, you can always find a cheaper option, however, away from the coastline.

The best hotels in Patong:

• Villa Yoosook 5*
• U Zenmaya Phuket 5*
• Jirana Patong 4*
• Amari Phuket 4*
• Buasri By Ohm 3*
• BearPacker Patong Hostel 3*

Pros of the beach:

  • Excellent infrastructure. Patong has everything you might need for comfort. There is a well-developed catering network, excursion bureaus work, bikes and cars are rented out, there is a large Jang Ceylon shopping center.
  • Large selection of housing. Due to the fact that the beach is located on a large territory, there are many options for rental housing. It is not difficult to rent a cheap hostel or a comfortable 5 * hotel here.
  • An abundance of entertainment, including water rides.


  • A huge concentration of tourists.
  • The cleanliness of the coastal zone is not always ideal, sometimes you can see the garbage left by vacationers.

Karon Beach

Karon stretches for 4 kilometers along the coast. He is no less popular than Patong. However, the pace of relaxation is different. The beach area occupies a large territory, but most of the hotels are located near the sea (across the road). Karon is famous for its creaky golden sands.

When you walk along the coast, in contact with the sand you get a special sound that resembles a creak, due to which they got such an interesting name.

The beach is suitable for versatile relaxation. Here, both young people and couples, including children, will feel comfortable.

Karon has a well-developed infrastructure, which is represented by cafes, restaurants, exchange offices, and a market is open on certain days of the week. Hotels of all categories allow you to relax and budget tourists, and those who are used to a high level of comfort and service.

Among the most popular hotels are:

  • Karon Beach Walk Villa 5 *;
  • Pacific Club Resort 4 *;
  • Karon Hill Apartment 2 4 *;
  • Kata Tranquil Villa 3 *;
  • Allstar Guesthouse 2 *;
  • Mellow Space Boutique Rooms 2 *.

Pros of vacation on Karon:

  1. A wide selection of beach activities (water scooters, skis, surfing (in the rainy season)).
  2. The clean coast, the gentle entrance to the sea, the ebb is not as noticeable as on other beaches.
  3. There are places for shopping.
  4. Easy to get to.

Cons of Karon:

  1. The beach never remains empty, it is always crowded, which means that enjoying a secluded vacation will not work.
  2. Big waves in the low season.

Kata beach

This beach closes the top three in popularity. It is located south of Karon. Despite the large tourist flow, he still manages to preserve his pristine nature.

Kata is one of the best beaches for children. Snow-white fine sand combined with a gentle entrance to the sea – ideal conditions for swimming with children. The road that is located along the coast does not bear much traffic, which ensures peace and quietness.

Near the coast there are many restaurants with a wide variety of cuisine. Hotels offer affordable accommodation prices. Among the most famous are the following:

• Villa Elisabeth;
• Wanaburi Resort;
• Eastin Yama Hotel Phuket;
• Santosa Detox and Wellness Center;
• Eastin Yama Hotel Phuket;
• Kata View Villa.

Geographically, the beach is divided into two parts – Kata Yai and Kata Noi. Active life boils, just within the first, while the second offers a more relaxed and secluded vacation.

Pros of rest:

  • One of the cleanest beaches on the southwest coast.
  • Huge selection of entertainment. Both adults and children will find something to their liking.
  • Good infrastructure, there is everything you need for a comfortable stay.


• Strong waves during rain season.

Kamala beach

Kamala beach attracts tourists with its incredibly beautiful nature and opportunities for relaxation in a quiet unobtrusive setting. It occupies a wide 2-kilometer strip, the coastal part of which is covered with snow-white sand. The entrance to the sea is gentle, which makes it possible even for children to swim here.

Kamala is a great choice for a family trip, the area is quiet, but you can always go to neighboring Patong if you wish. Geographically, the beach is divided into two parts:

  • South – the number of tourists here is always large, but still there is enough space for everyone. It is in the south of Kamala that the main restaurants, shops, bars and other infrastructure are concentrated;
  • North – a terrific place to relax. It is there that the best places for secluded relaxation are located. Water is more pure and transparent.

Pros of rest:

  • In Kamala, untouched areas of wildlife are still preserved, which makes this area incredibly beautiful.
  • Clean gentle and sandy beach. It allows you to swim even during high tides.
  • Easy to get to. The road from the airport takes no more than 30 minutes.

Disadvantages of rest:

  • The almost complete absence of any entertainment (but for some it can be a plus).
  • Strong undercurrents in rainy periods. From May to October, it is better to refrain from relaxing on Kamal.

Банг Тао (Bang Tao beach)

The coastline of 8 kilometers makes Bang Tao Beach the longest in Phuket. A distinctive feature of this place is its orientation to tourists with a high level of income. All hotels here are classified as 4 * or 5 * and provide the highest degree of comfort.

In the center of the beach is located the famous Laguna complex far beyond the borders of the country, consisting of 7 hotels. Its infrastructure is so well developed that tourists can spend a long time on the territory without needing absolutely anything.

In the south direction from the complex you can also find good hotels and bungalows, but the northern part of the coast is unremarkable.

The sea in different parts differs in depth, so those who rest here with children need to be especially careful. But experienced swimmers will get a lot of pleasure from swimming.

The beach infrastructure is represented by numerous restaurants. There are cozy Thai cafes and chic restaurant complexes. Among beach activities, it is worth highlighting water skiing and scooters. There are conditions for windsurfing, and you can enjoy horseback riding along the coast.

Surin beach

This is another beach designed for wealthy tourists. That’s just its territory is an order of magnitude smaller, and the coastal strip stretched only 1 kilometer. There are no large clusters of vacationers, however, the infrastructure is developed at a high level. Near the coast there are restaurants with Thai, European, international, Italian cuisine.

The beauty of Surin will be appreciated by lovers of romance. People come here for stunning sunsets, which you can watch from the territory of one of the coastal cafes. Transparent water combined with fine sand gives the highest degree of paradise pleasure. Even if you are relaxing on another Phuket beach, choose a time and go to Surin for an unforgettable experience.

Nai Harn beach

This is the southernmost beach in Phuket. It is not very popular among tourists due to its remoteness from the airport. Nevertheless, those who gave him preference will be rewarded with ideal conditions for relaxing away from the noisy and lively parts of the island.

Nai Harn is considered one of the cleanest and most picturesque beaches. The area here is very beautiful. The coast is covered with fine sand, which makes it possible to swim in the sea without special protective shoes.

The beach is designed for middle-income tourists. But, if desired, housing can be found for several hundred baht per day and for several tens of thousands. There are also a couple of Thai restaurants offering a wide selection of seafood at affordable prices.

For a more romantic setting, establishments in the southern part of the beach are suitable. They are located near the coast, which creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Rawai beach

The beach is located in the southern part of Phuket, but it is not particularly suitable for swimming. Arriving here, you can see a huge number of long tail boats, which are located along the coast. For a nominal fee, they are ready to take you to any neighboring island. As a rule, initially for Thais, Thais initially well raise boat rental prices, but if you bargain a little, then there is a chance to reduce it (sometimes it even turns out several times).

Rawai attracts an abundance of fish restaurants. Because market operates on its territory daily, the cost of many dishes remains democratic. You can sit right on the beach, and order food at the restaurant across the road. Some tourists buy fresh seafood at the market, and then ask them to be cooked in one of the cafes (for this it is worth arriving early while the market is still working).

To choose the most inexpensive, but with delicious dishes, institution, pay attention to where the locals are sitting. They know a lot about food and will never go to places where it is expensive and not tasty.

Nai Yang beach

Nai Yang is one of the most quiet and peaceful beaches in all of Phuket. To a greater extent, it is in demand among local residents; there are practically no tourists here. Accordingly, the infrastructure is developed to a minimum.

Only a few hotels and cafes operate within Nai Yang, but you should not look for entertainment here at all. The beach is not very clean, it is not rare to find garbage left by vacationers.


You should not come here with children, the slope of the bottom at sea is quite steep, which can cause a lot of discomfort. Among the advantages of this beach, it is worth noting the reliable protection from the waves by a coral reef, which means you can swim here in the rainy season.

Paradise beach

The name of the beach is translated as “paradise” and it is no coincidence that it still retains its original appearance, and its surroundings are very reminiscent of shots from the famous Bounty advertisement. This is an island of warmth and comfort.

Paradise is located in a small bay, which is covered by rocks on all sides. This feature reliably protects the coast from strong waves and allows you to swim here even in the rainy season.


Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting unwanted bathing during the ebb and flow. The thing is that a coral reef passes near the coast, therefore, there remains a high probability of injury. At this time, it is recommended to explore the surroundings of the beach. A bike is suitable for such a trip.

There is no entertainment on Paradise. The only thing practiced here is to do snorkeling, or kayaking.

The beach is near Patong. You can come here for the whole day, or for a few hours.

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