What medicine you should bring to Thailand

Many people, right before the trip, think about the medicines and first aid kit. Indeed, is it worth taking these things with you? Thailand seems a fairly developed country and medicaments should be available there.

I am giving you the list of medicines that you do need to have at hand.
The biggest problem for a traveler in Thailand is the sun. As a rule, visitors can be immediatly spotted – they are white, looking pretty nice. However, the second day they have crayfish color and grimaces of suffer.

Remember! Take with you a remedy for burns and sunblock. 20-30 minutes under direct sun will be enough for you to get burned.

Also get a pack of sticking plasters. Beach slippers, as practice shows, very quickly rub your feet.

Also, here is a list of very useful medications:

  • against high temperature – Paracetamol
  • against pain in the abdomen – Noshpa
  • for disinfection – hydrogen peroxide
  • against poisoning – activated charcoal
  • against headache – Citramon.

Also, bring the medications for your persobal need. This could be a medicament for a hangover and motion sickness. I also took individual drugs which I possibly could not buy in Thailand which are some specific antibiotics for the treatment of chronic rhinitis.

Also, I suggest you bring contraceptives. Unfortunately, in Thailand they are not of very high quality. Also miramistin, just in case.

I also recommend getting vaccinated against Dengue fever and other diseases.
Remember, not all drugs can be brought into Thailand across the border!

Also, be sure to have medical insurance for yourself and for the children.

2 thoughts on “What medicine you should bring to Thailand

  • April 18, 2018 at 1:26 pm

    Better don’t lay on the sand! Really dangerous for your health! Take a beach chair!

    • November 3, 2019 at 10:17 am

      It’s expensive with lot of faces bectrias which are created by flanges


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