Fishing in Pattaya

Among many options for outdoor activities in Pattaya, fishing is particularly popular. In fact, Thailand is one of the best fishing places among other Asian countries.
There are many reservoirs created both by nature and by humans.

Fishing in Pattaya is really something special, along with a real adventure that brings incredible emotions, thrill and remarkable trophies. Tourists are provided with several attractive options – freshwater fishing, fishing for exotic fish, fishing at the “Predator Lake” and much more.
If you like fishing, I can recommend sea fishing. The price is about $72 which includes

  • sailing in the Gulf of Siam
  • possibility to swim with a mask and fins
  • spinning and bait for fishing
  • shower room, changing rooms and a toilet
  • you can cook the fish you caught
  • dinner, drinks and services of the instructor

Most importantly, this service is trustworthy so you can book and pay online.
Equipment for fishing is not necessary to buy, as the cost of rent usually is already included in the price of fishing. Although there are some exceptions which may require you to rent what you need.

A specialty of fishing in Pattaya is the opportunity to hunt for a certain fish. Not just regular fish but real monsters that have become legendary. The names of these fish are familiar to all true lovers of fishing – Alligator fish, Siamese carp, Mekong catfish, Snakehead, Arapaima, Piranha Paku, Barramundi. And this is not a complete list. Of course, success largely depends on the skills and abilities of the tourists but it is low probabilty that you leave without a catch because the fishing places offered by the agencies are simply replete with fish.

Where else can you try your luck and test your skills in the fight against a real predator, Barramundi? Or, for example, visit an amazing place with a chilling name “The Lake of Predators”?
Another pleasant feature is that almost all types of fish are caught year round, that is, fishing lovers can forget the seasonality factor. Incredible adventures while fishing in Pattaya are available at any period of the year.

Another video of fishing in Thailand – you can feed the fish with beans.

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