Meeting Fa, or a Thai Soap Opera

Earlier I said I was living in Pattaya with a girlfriend named Tei. One day, Tei told me that her mother needed her to return home to Isan. At that moment we had some small conflicts and I did not want to risk going with her to Isan, even though I wanted to see it.

After some time, she called me and told me that her mother would no longer allow her to live in Pattaya because she had never sent any money home.

First meeting with Fa

In a week, I figured out how boring it was to live alone. Coming home drunk while living in a large condo is scary, very scary. I began to explore my options in order to find another Thai girl (not paid, of course). One day, while getting boozy on Bali Hai pier with Izzie, a female friend of mine, I began to ask her for favors in looking for a new Thai companion. I gave her a description of the kind of girl I would be interested in and the desired “parameters”.

Izzie began to laugh and asked me what happened to Tei.

I kept pushing as I knew her sister had a bar on Soi 7 and there would for sure be girls there who would not mind getting to know a pharang. The whole thing was said as a joke, but Izzie still remembered it.

To my surprise, a few days later she introduced me to Fa. It turned out that Fa earlier saw me as I was wandering around Soi 7 in Pattaya.

Here is a photo of Fa, me, and Izzie

Fa, me, Izzie

Fa was 30 years old, which made her older than me. She was only half Thai, the other half was Lao. She had no kids. You wouldn’t call her beautiful, but after spending a pleasant night with her I understood that that wasn’t most important thing. The men know what I mean.

Here is another photo made by my phone (sorry for poor quality)


For a few days we just didn’t get out of bed.

Why I don’t like surprises

On the third or fourth day of living together, I went to see my good friend. He was also living with a Thai girl so we quickly split into two groups: I talked with my friend, and the girls chatted between themselves.

At that moment I received a phone call and saw that it was Tei. I picked up the phone and heard, “Hello my love, I am in Pattaya near your condo. I wanted to make it a surprise, but you weren’t home. Where are you?” My jaw dropped. How could it be? She said that she left to Isan forever, and now she has somehow returned. In my head I instantly understood that I needed to slip away from Fa and run back to my condo. I lived with Tei for a few months, and I only met Fa a few days ago, one definitely outweighed the other.

I told my decision to Fa, and the tears and snot began to flow, as one would expect. It was just like a Thai TV show, with all the drama and jealousy. Ta (which is the name of the girlfriend of my friend) suggested the it would be better if I just give Fa money and run. It took more than an hour for me to convince her to take the money. As it turned out the money was Ta’s idea and not Fa’s, as I had originally thought. In the end, when I understood that the money wasn’t going to work, I forcefully shoved the money in her pocket and rode off on my motorbike. I thought that was the end, but I was wrong.

Arriving back at my condo, I saw Tei and instantly told her that I was seeing another girl because I didn’t think she was going to return.

At that moment I thought that I ruined everything. Meanwhile, Fa decided that she wasn’t going to give up just like that and began to call me. I didn’t answer, but Tei really wanted to talk to her.

“I was with you not for money”

At 5 in the morning came the next surprise: the home phone  began to ring. The concierge told me that Fa had come and wanted to speak with me.

View from condo

I went outside to talk. Fa wanted to give me back the money that I gave her earlier. She was rather drunk and said she wanted to talk with Tei. I knew that conversation would not end well and told her that I wouldn’t take the money and that she had two options: either she take it all or I would just tear it up in front of her eyes. She calmed down after I told her I would still talk to her later.

I returned to my condo, Tei was still sleeping. At least, that’s what I thought. A while later I found out that she was crying, buried her face in her pillow. I felt very sorry for her, so I hugged her and we fell asleep.

Thai women’s encounters

I didn’t know what happened next until 6 months later. In the morning, Tei saw Fa’s number on my phone and called her back. Turns out the Thai girls have an unspoken rule to help each other out. So don’t be surprised if you are having fun with a girl at Insomnia club and your Thai girlfriend immediately knows about it.

There is another unspoken rule: to not mess with another girl’s pharang, and this was the reason Tei wanted to give Fa a good lesson. She had lived with me a few months before so she thought Fa was not doing the right thing. She invited Fa to a meeting and went over with some of her friends. Luckily, Fa had given her the address of a neighborhood bar and when she saw several girls she understood nobody was going to discuss anything with her, so she was afraid to mess with them and just hid.

I learned just how serious these clashes could be when later had to take this knife from Tei.

Tei's knife

Remember, unlike our girls, Thai girls are dozens of times more jealous, they are impulsive and don’t think much when making decisions.

At that time, Fa acted very wisely and waited for the moment when Tei and I get in a next fight again. Not even a week later after another big scandal with Tei I understood I wouldn’t want to live with her anymore.

And Fa once again appeared in my life, as if she had never left.

2 thoughts on “Meeting Fa, or a Thai Soap Opera

  • November 4, 2021 at 12:33 pm

    Last time in Pattaya I was only down from Bangkok for the week because the air was getting too much. I like the neighborhood in Bangkok, I think it is best, but it’s not a high-rise area with broad avenues, it is a bit of a trap for particulate matter even on a relatively high floor.

    So I just decided on a quick vacation, Pattaya’s orange sunsets anyway are from the Bangkok smog and quite enjoyable, the symmetry of turning an irritant into a pleasure appeals to me.

    I always go to some bars in Pattaya, and I usually meet someone. The thing about Pattaya is that despite being such a den of iniquity, it’s closer to Isaan than Bangkok with lower costs. People can usually afford to live on their own terms without struggling, so when you meet a woman in a bar she doesn’t need to act like a mercenary.

    The mistake I made last time was keeping a date, because I had promised. A dancer had picked me up the first night in town, and I had promised to take her out again. She was beautiful, but she was screwed up in the head in a way that isn’t Thai. She saw everything about herself and her life as being ranked. I know she wanted me as a gik, more like a status trinket and security, hers, but not a partner in anything.

    While having lunch in the daytime I met another girl who I liked talking to. But I told her that I had made a date already and that is a promise. I didn’t even ask for her phone number, it would have been like saying I need some options, which is a bit of an insult to both women.

    But I immediately liked her. Maybe because I have friends back in Bangkok, I didn’t think about planning to meet a girlfriend. Just socializing. Now a couple of years later, I kind of wish I had gotten that girl’s number. I saw the dancer only twice more. The last time out together, she took me to a club where I met some nice people, she was known there, notorious I guess, but in a good spot.

    Everything is complicated by these short-term visas and temporary living arrangements. I’m fortunate to meet many women in Thailand who are excellent friends, occasionally a lover. But I don’t like to take a woman to bed and then say goodbye.

    They say that, the famous lover Casanova was always regarded as a gentleman by his dozens of conquests, because he always made certain that if he left a woman, that she would soon have a more suitable partner and not be lonely. Love triangles are certain to happen in Pattaya.


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