How to pick up a girl in Thailand

Many of those who come to Thailand want to immediately immerse into debauchery in full. Even more so in Pattaya, as it’s considered a capital of tourism of a certain kind, which is not for nothing.  However, many guys are pretty shy and do not even know how to approach a girl.

Let me admit, the first “approach” I made was with a friend. The reason was not my shyness but the simple fact that I did not know English well. To be honest, I didn’t know it at all. Another awkward nuance, I had never ever paid for love in my Ukraine, so it was very hard to imagine what to do and how. In some time, I would learn how to approach girls and ask about their “payment policy”, but not then.

The first question that arises in Pattaya is: where to look for girls? Don’t worry, they will find you:)

The first acquaintance happened right at the Bangkok airport already. Two girls approached me and my companion with a clear intention to become “friends”. We had to cut them off – as it turned out, our destinations were different, they were going to Bangkok, and we were to Pattaya.

At my second arrival I went to buy a card of TRUE mobile operator to “7-Eleven”. The cashier, a girl of 19 years or so, when issuing and activating my number recorded it and called me later.
Ok, so let’s say you are not very lucky with your looks and age. Where to go and where to look for ladies? How to shoot?

I advise starting at Pattaya Beach Road. Here’s a video from a  guy who walked it over from start to finish

Why from there?

Because you can see the girls clearly there and choose a nice pick. At Go-Go bars, it is usually very dark, plus you start losing money right away by paying lady drinks, etc.

It’s much easier on Bichka (Pattaya Beach Road).

I am very often asked, how much is the pleasure?

Typically, the price depends on high or low season, beauty and youth of the girl and duration of service (short or long time).

Our compatriots always call it “boom-boom,” although it turned out the Thai people call it completely different.

Let me explain now what a short and long time is.

Usually girls understand short time as one time. Some understand it as one hour. To avoid misunderstanding, find out what exactly the girl has in mind.

Long time is when the girl stays with you for the night. Very often, some girls immediately clarify it as one time in the evening plus one time in the morning. There happened the girls who said that long  is one time plus overnight stay without the morning “boom-boom.”

As for how much it is in Pattaya, normally it’s from 500 baht to 2000 baht.

Therefore, again, negotiate right away and do not hesitate to ask.

Okay, to the point.

While walking along the Beach Road look at the girls standing by the sides of the road.

Warning! Do not stare and do not stop.

Many girls (and ladyboys especially) consider this as a sign that she/he is liked by you and immediately start to pester.

Many stick quite brazenly and it will be hard to break away. If it’s the ladyboy, those can surround you and grab you for that very place. The chance to lose a wallet or a watch is pretty high.

Okay, now you are walking without any hurry and examine the girls with no heavy concentration. Don’t worry, there are tons of girls, and if you wish you will bу able go back to the girl that you liked.

What to ask? Typically, it’s like this:
” Yes.”
“How much is the short time?”
“1000 baht.”

This was an easiest example. Often girls can specify details and ask questions, etc.

Like this:
“I don’t like the long time, only short”
“I’m not going with you to your condo, it’s too far away”
“Do you have money with you?”
“Do you have a condom?”

So let’s imagine you found out the price and the girl doesn’t mind to go with you. Now ask if she has a Thai ID-card and verify she is at least 18, and I suggest you ask a couple more questions that will help you a lot. Why?

There are different types of girls. In order to understand what kind of girl is before you, a conversation will help greatly. Ask her name and where she is from.

Attention! A few times I ran into the situation when the girl was drank or even on pills. I think you understand that taking such a girl may cause problems.

Look closely at the girl. If the girl is too clenched, turns away from you, answers hesitantly, you better don’t take her. Why?

The fact is, the majority of them on Beach Road (and not only there) treat it as a job. And not the most enjoyable one. If the girl is in a bad mood, is closed in a “shell”, what kind of pleasure can you expect, after all? You’ll get a log wishing that it’s over as soon as possible.

By the way, I will now share my and my friends’ experience. If there is a chance to choose between the girl of 27-35 years and of 20 years, take the older one. Yes, I’m sure many of you are laughing now:). However, the fact is, the older ones are more flexible and calm, while the young ones are whining about everthing, like it’s uncomfortable, or your device is too big, or something else, etc. So it’s like you are buying just a nice “picture” because the girl is not what you were expecting from her. By the way, many Thai girls of 30 or even 40 look very young and you would never think they are of this age.

Okay, you made a choice and she is in your hands. What now?

I usually ask if she has a place to stay. The reason is, many of them rent a condo not far from there and may even have a motobike.

If she doesn’t, then you’ll need to choose, to either rent a room right there or take her home. However, I would not recommend the latter. There are many reasons, and the main one is safety. Many won’t resist a chance to examine your pockets.

How much is the room for the shorttime? Usually from 300 to 600 baht. Ask the girl where to go and she will show you. Usually girls get commission from rooms’ owner, so don’t be surprised if you are a third client per night for the same room.

By the way, some girls will refuse to go to your room. This is due to the fact that many people may not pay or otherwise hurt them.

If a girl asks that you pay her off beforehand – do not even think about doing it. Always pay afterwards only.

I recommend that you show the money you have. You can also put it on a table or nightstand and say “After the boom-boom it’s yours.”

Remember, once the money has moved to the girl’s purse, most will forget about part of their duties. A friend of mine had a situation – he brought his girl home and gave her money for long time. However, after the boom-boom he came out of the shower and the girl was gone. He was afraid she stole everything, however his wallet was untouched. She just decided she had already worked hard enough and left.

I don’t recommend you tell the girl you are from Russia or former USSR, if you are. Girls do not particularly like Russians for which there are many reasons, like some men who don’t pay, and some animals who like “smacking the girl a couple of times in the face”. This info is from Thai girls and also from those who did not pay. No comment.

I would also like to let you know that if the girl went to your room be prepared that the hotel will demand money for having her in the room. Normally, it’s from 300 baht. Some hotels do not charge you. Be sure to read reviews on the Internet about your hotel to be prepared. Also, in many hotels ladyboys are not allowed. Even for money.

Also be ready after the boom-boom to pay for her taxi home or to the Beach Road. They often ask for 50-300 baht for a taxi or a motobike. It’s up to you to pay or not. I usually pay, as I think it’s too stingy not to.

Prepare condoms in advance, as many girls do not have them or will demand 100 baht. By the way, about the Thai condoms. Their quality is poor, they do not feel like latex but more like an oilcloth. The size of my “property” is not too large, it fits in Thai one by length but the width does not fit. So better take these from your homeland.

P.S. If you didn’t like the above three girls, don’t go to Thailand and Pattaya:)

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