Free Sex in Pattaya? Yes, there is one

Many who go to Thailand ask if there is free sex in Pattaya. What can be said? Yes, there is. But there are many nuances that need to be discussed.

Let’s start with the distinguishing. All tourists can be divided into short-terms (who arrived for a short period of up to half a month) and those who usually live for several months or a winter in Thailand. As practice has shown, the chance of getting free sex is minimal for short-terms. However, it’s still not a zero!

Those who come for a short term should understand that the most valuable thing they have is their white skin. Yes, yes, you heard right. Thai girls are obsessed with white skin. Therefore – do not sunbathe!

Now, I’ll tell you about the nuances.

Okay, please understand, most girls come to Pattaya to earn money and not give up everything for food. To make it clear, if a girl sleeps with you for free that means she has some kind of special interest in you.

Type one, the girl has no place to sleep. Most girls live 2 or 3 in a room, saving on housing. A lot of them also have Thai guys (because farang is an option that comes and goes, and girls need stability). From time to time, girls invite Thai guys to their place which means the rest must leave for a night. On such days these roomless girls have to agree to spend the night with you for a small amount of money or even free of charge. Of course, the girl will try to find a client first but if this does not work for some reason she will look for an option with an overnight stay. In general, these girls have one thing  in common, they have no place to sleep.

The next type of girls are those who due to the lack of clients understand that they will not even have enough money for food soon. These are usually not that beautiful and can go with you for a small money and after 1 or 2 nights stop asking for money at all. I have come across such a situation not once. Typically, a girl refuses to leave in the morning, sleeps for a long time, requests that you buy her something to eat and in every possible way tries to bring some of her stuff (remember, as soon as her toothbrush is in your bathroom, you are trapped).

Thai girls

The third type of girls are those with a long-term goal of abusing you. Pretty dangerous. Usually these are chosen by inexperienced farangs and they are in a risk of losing more money in the future. These girls use psychology, NLP and a lot of newfangled things to the full extent.

Another not very good type of girls are those who go for free and then make a scandal: “I want money. You didn’t understand me right.” Often, you would get a pre-rehearsed “concert”, demands “Give me money”, extortion, threatening to arrange problems for you. A slightly different type are girls who would use the situation (for example, if you are drunk) and will gladly take out all your money or equipment (phone, laptop, etc.). I must say right away that in Thailand, in Pattaya particularly, this is so common that it is probably worth writing a separate article on protection against scums and theft.

And the last type are girls wh odo not mind dating with their favorite farang. Remember, Thai girls, like any girls, “love with their ears”, so to pick up such girls you just need to know English. People with little experience of communication and weak English have no chance.

Another option is nightclubs where girls gather. Cons are that a very large number of working girls who, after the closure of the go-go club, go in search of clients. Therefore, the ideal time to look for such girls is the weekend, when girls come to Pattaya from the villages and Bangkok to hang out. You need to look for such options in Pattaya in Arab soys where you could find well-off girls  of 25-35 years old who can even pay for you in a bar or in “Insomnia”, a famous Thai club for picking up Thai girls. Notice, in Lima-Lima and Mix there are no such girls, there are only freelancers.

A good option is to become friends with the Thais. More contacts and acquaintances are always a huge plus. You are starting to get invitations to parties, birthdays and other events where there is an opportunity to meet other Thais girls. Do not hesitate to change phones. I was called by girls many times thereafter.

Many ask, how do you say that you would like free sex?

1) Say that you have no money. It immediately reduces the social circle, but the chances of free sex grow.
2) Say that you have never pickied up girls for money. Because you do not consider it necessary to pay 🙂
3) Say that you do not mind continuing your acquaintance but only for free.
4) Mention that you have already lived with the girls for free for a long time. It acts magically because the girl begins to think, why did they live with him for free? Maybe he is nice and caring? As usual, the Thais do not show much and will be very surprised. Saying, for free? For long? No way:)
5) Use Thai words in speech, inform that you live in Thailand and not a tourist. To such people they have a completely different attitude.

Okay, I hope my advice will help you feel like a real sex tourist in Thailand. Good luck!

One thought on “Free Sex in Pattaya? Yes, there is one

  • November 4, 2021 at 2:42 pm

    It’s not very easy to find good nightclubs in Thailand, at least for the tourist. Thais go to clubs that are promoted under the radar as bottle clubs, where you and a group of friends own a bottle kept behind the bar, and maybe even a private table. These are more common in Bangkok, and there, I don’t go to the western-style nightclubs like in Soi 11, places like Insomnia. If I became a full time resident of the city I’d probably eventually join a private nightclub with a membership fee, but as a foreigner I’d wait for the invitation.

    Bali has some excellent nightclubs, it’s easier to enjoy yourself in a place that is open to the public there because people don’t go to nightclubs in order to pick up women or drugs. A Balinese club is also a really great no-hassles gig for a gogo dancer too.


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