22 Best Excursions on Phuket: Description and Prices

Excursions on Phuket are in great demand. The choice is so wide that absolutely every tourist can select a suitable option for themselves. Some programs are designed for families, some will be appreciated by lovers of action, and some will give you truly heavenly pleasure.

Where to buy an excursion at Phuket

Excursions on the island of Phuket are a kind of lottery, since their quality directly depends on the guide who will accompany you, and not on the place where you buy them. Many advise you to purchase excursion programs from a tour operator, but this can not give any guarantee of quality either. Last year, an excellent employee worked in the travel company, but what is the likelihood that he will be here this year.

On the island of Phuket, there are several ways to purchase excursions:

Tour operator – upon arrival at the hotel you will hold an info meeting, during which they will offer the whole range of excursion programs. As a rule, guides try to press you and ask for a decision in a short time. Tourists visiting countries for the first time succumb to such provocations and give a lot of money, not knowing what the market offers outside the hotel. And, as you know, the tour operator prices are far from the cheapest.

Street tourist shops are located on all beaches of the island and offer a rich selection of excursions (sometimes even more than a tour operator). In such places, all programs are much cheaper. The only thing worth paying attention to is the presence of a Your-language-speaking guide. Sometimes there can only be an English representative, which is a big minus for those who do not speak the language.

The Internet is the most convenient way, since you do not need to spend time looking for an agency. You can take your time to study the entire list of excursions and their features, which will help make the right decision. Prices on sites are okay; they are approximately equal to street prices.

Basic tours and sightseeing tours at Phuket

Here we will talk about excursions that are perfect for visiting with the whole family, including children.

Sightseeing tour

This is the program with which you need to start acquaintance with the island and do it early. The reviews for each agency are different, so do not forget to specify exactly what stops you will have. It can be Buddhist temples, viewing platforms, latex factory, snake and crocodile farm, jewelry center and so on. The main task is to acquaint tourists with the features of Phuket, the culture and traditions of Thais, the economy and industry of the country, as well as visit the most interesting places. Many tour operators include a sightseeing tour in a tour price, you just have to use it during your vacation. If you buy the program separately, then for an adult the price will be 1000 baht, for a child it will be 800.


Botanical Garden

A great place for those who want to get acquainted with exotic vegetation. On an area of ​​more than 1 ha, about 30 thematic zones are represented, each of which has its own characteristics.

There are corners in Japanese, Balinese, English styles, a palm zone, a winter garden. During the walk you will see how Thai fruits grow, take a walk under an artificial waterfall and get acquainted with the production of rubber. In the center there is a large pond with multi-colored carps, which everyone can feed.

Price: for adults – from 700 baht, for children – from 500.


Phuket Zoo is not as big as in Pattaya or Bangkok, but also deserves attention. It is located in the Chalong area. In a rather small area, you will see monkeys, tigers, elephants, crocodiles, pythons, lizards, camel, kangaroo, palm civet, bear cat, and this is not even all the inhabitants of this paradise.

A distinctive feature of the zoo are shows with crocodiles, elephants and monkeys, which are held several times a day. During the walk you can also visit a small aquarium, the entrance to which is located in the mouth of a crocodile. Admission for adults is 500 baht, for children above 100 cm tall – 300 baht.

Bird park

In terms of design, the park resembles a botanical garden, since the owner of these two places is the same. A winding path is laid across the park.

Cages with exotic birds are installed on both sides of it. At the end, you will reach the stage where an exciting show is held, which every visitor to the park can participate in. The ticket costs 500 baht for an adult, 300 for children.


It is located in Panva Bay, almost on the seashore. The aquarium is based on the Marine Biological Center. Today, more than 150 species of exotic fish live here. All residents are divided into separate zones.

At the end there is a small tunnel, passing through which you will see stingrays and leopard sharks. The booth dedicated to the 2004 tsunami deserves special attention. It is located at the exit and at the same place they demonstrate a short film based on real events. Ticket price – 180 baht adult, 100 for children.

Khao Lak

A wonderful excursion for lovers of nature and active pastime. It is designed for the whole day. You will have the opportunity to visit the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, in the vicinity of which hundreds of monkeys live.

Then you will take an unforgettable elephant ride through the jungle, swim along the river on bamboo rafts, swim in the waterfall and visit the turtle farm. The cost of the tour starts from 1000 baht.

Kao suk

The excursion to Khao Sok can be both one-day or two-day. It will not leave anyone indifferent, as the program will be packed in any case. The tour is suitable for both adults and children.

You will find tropical plants, visit the real jungle, and see exotic animals. The tour includes elephant riding, rafting on bamboo rafts, visiting a cave temple, a waterfall, an observation deck. Sometimes they may include Bang Rieng Temple, caves and hot springs. The cost of the tour starts from 1600 baht.

Excursions to the islands near Phuket

Around Phuket there are dozens of beautiful islands with white beaches and azure sea. It’s unlikely that you can visit them all during one vacation, but you should do at least seom of these.

Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Archipelago is located 30 kilometers from Phuket. It includes 6 limestone islands. During the tour you will visit the famous Bay of May, where the film “Beach” was shot with Leonardo di Caprio. Then swim in the beautiful lagoon of Pileus, make a stop near the Viking cave, and visit the monkey beach.

On the largest island of the Phi Phi Dong archipelago, a delicious lunch awaits you, after which there will be time for a swim. The minimum tour price is 1,500 baht for adults, 1200 for children.

Excursion “Phi Phi + Phang Nga”

In addition to the Phi Phi archipelago, you will visit the islands of the neighboring province of Phang Nga, including the famous James Bond Island and the village of sea gypsies, located on stilts.

Reviews of tourists say that this is one of the most visited excursions, as the program is quite eventful and in one day you can see many islands around Phuket. Tour price starts from 2000 baht.

Similan Islands

Similans are among the 10 most beautiful places on the planet. They include 9 islands. During the tour you can visit the beaches of two of them. The highlight is the rock “Sail”, which is located on the island at number 8. You will climb to the observation deck, which offers spectacular views of the bay.

Here is feedback on visiting excursions to the Similan Islands

During the tour there is a stop for snorkeling to get acquainted with the rich underwater world of the national park. The cost of the excursion for an adult starts from 2200 baht, for children – from 1700.

Coral Island and Racha

A good excursion for those who do not want to be in the open sea for a long time, and are ready to devote all their free time to a beach holiday. The islands are located in a 15-minute drive from Phuket and are famous for their white beaches and clear sea.

The cost of the tour for adults is from 1200 baht, for children it is from 1000.

Activities at Phuket

For lovers of active pastime Phuket also offers a large selection of programs:

  • Gibbon Flight – Suitable for adults and older children. The tour is a journey through the jungle between the trees. The route consists of 42 platforms, between which cables, bridges and cableways are stretched. Price from 2000 baht.
  • Rafting – rafting takes place on the territory of the reserve. The length of the route is 5 kilometers. Due to the fact that there are inflatable rafts and kayaks for the program, you can take children with you. Cost – 1000 baht for adults, 750 for children.
  • Diving – there are a lot of diving places in the vicinity of Phuket, so the cost of the tour can vary greatly. But as the reviews show, a more or less good tour will cost 3,000 baht and higher. Those who do not want to dive can snorkel.
  • All-Terraine-Vehicles are a great tour for those who wish to visit the most remote corners of the island. You will ride on rubber and pineapple plantations, jungles, hills and rivers. In addition, on quad bikes you can climb to the very top of the Big Buddha observation deck. Cost – from 950 baht.

Fishing at Phuket

Depending on your preferences, fishing in Phuket can be of several types:

Sea – this is the standard and cheapest type of fishing. During the tour, you will head towards the Racha Islands. Along the way, you will throw trolling with a bait. Most often, tuna, sometimes marlins or sailboats, fall into the bait. During lunch, you will be offered caught fish. The price is 1200 baht.

Lake fishing – in the center of the island there is a small lake, the shores of which are equipped for fishing. There are gazebos, benches and even a restaurant. Different types of fish are found in the lake, including rare ones. If the latter fall into the bait, then they are released back into the water. The price is 2500 baht.

Fishing with sea gypsies – suitable for those who want to plunge into the life of the indigenous inhabitants of the island. Fish are caught on traditional gypsy gear. The process can occur both during movement and while anchoring. Upon returning to the island you will be given a dinner made from your own catch. The price is 2500 baht.

Evening shows and entertainment

Life in Phuket never stops. After sunset, the time comes when you should go to one of the evening showprograms:

  • Fantasy is a small village with many entertainments, a restaurant with 4000 seats and a magnificent show, during which about 40 elephants simultaneously appear on the stage. Price – from 1600 baht
  • Siam Niramit – tells the story and traditions of the Thai Kingdom. Introduces viewers to the life, culture and customs of local residents. The price is from 1400 baht for adults and 1200 for children.
  • Aphrodite and Cabaret Simon – transvestite show. Bright costumed performances will plunge you into the real world of carnival and unbridled fun. Price – from 600 baht
  • The show for adults is an “exotic” attraction of the country, which has made it famous all over the world. Price – from 800 baht
  • Thai boxing – the excursion is more reminiscent of a theatrical performance, as a real fight cannot be seen. Price – from 1600 baht

We talked only about the basic excursions in Phuket. In fact, their number is much larger, which will make it possible to make your vacation bright and unforgettable.

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