Ambassador City Jomtien Ocean Wing: description and reviews

Ambassador City Jomtien Ocean Ving 4* is one of 5 hotels in the Ambassador City Jomtien hotel complex which is considered the largest in Southeast Asia. It is located at the coast in 12 km from the city center and 140 km from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Price and terms of accommodation

The cost of tours with the accommodation in this hotel during the high season, for example in January, starts from $1750 for 9 nights for 2 people (including flights). To check current prices, please go to

The building and surrounding area

The hotel was opened in 1988 and went through a major renovation in 2012. The 18-story building has

  • 1050 rooms with balconies,
  • 2 restaurants,
  • 2 open-air pools,
  • tennis court,
  • garden,
  • gym sun terrace.

Address: 21/10 Sukhumvit Road, Na Jomtien, Sattahip, Chonburi, Thailand.

Ocean Wing Hotel 4* is shaped as a well with a transparent roof. During the daytime there is natural lightin the hall. All the doors of the rooms face the corridors. There are 8 elevators. Downstairs they have a restaurant and lobby area.

At the hotel territory a market is located where all kinds of goods are sold at very attractive prices. Here you can buy all the stuff you need for your vacation, cosmetics, clothing, souvenirs and fruit.

The Ocean building is considered the best of all hotels in the hotel complex. It is closest to the beach.

The beach belongs to the hotel. Cleaning services keep it perfectly tidy, so it’s great for families with children. Palm trees on the beach provide shade, the sand is clean, there is no rubbish and it is comfortable to enter the water. There are no canopies or umbrellas but only sun loungers. You have to occupy them early in the morning if you are here during the high season.

A distinctive feature of the beach area of the Ambassador City Jomtien Ocean Wing 4 * hotel is the numerous masseuses in special tents.

High season in Pattaya lasts from November to April. Most tourists come here in the winter months. Between seasons there are not too many people here, so there is enough free space on the beach.

Only the guests who live in the Ocean Wing 4* can use the local pool. After receiving a special card at the reception one can get a fresh beach towel every day at a special place by the pool.

The pool of unusual shape has whirlpool, small bridges and a bar in the middle. You can order a cocktail and sit at the bar stand without leaving the water. Around the pool there are loungers with umbrellas. The pool is uncrowded and ther is no hustle and bustle. Also they have a rescue service. The sea is in view.

It is forbidden to swim in T-shirts here.

Infrastructure and service

  • Reception is open 24 hours a day. Check-in at 14.00, departure at 12.00.
  • Breakfast is included.
  • FREE tuk-tuk takes the guests to the beach and back.
  • FREE parking.
  • Daily cleaning. The bed linen are changed twice a week, the towels – every day.
  • Wi-Fi is for extra money and is rather slow. The best thing is probably to get a free SIM card from the local operator called True Move.


Rooms are of different types, starting from 36 sq. m:

  • superior (floors 4-16, no sea view);
  • deluxe (floors 4-16, side sea view);
  • executive (17th floor, side sea view).

The hotel also has larger rooms from 38 to 152 sq. m with the bedroom isolated from living room:

  • sunset suite
  • super deluxe
  • family suite
  • grand suite

Check prices

Video of the rooms:

All rooms have small balconies.

The double room has air conditioning, 2 beds, bedside tables with lamps, a mirror, TV, a sofa with coffee table, electric kettle, small fridge. There is a spacious wardrobe and a safe in a hallway.

The bathroom has a bath and a shower plus another separate shower, hairdryer, free shampoos, soaps, body gels.


Average breakfast at Ocean Wing Hotel inclueds:

several types of soup, rice with pork and cracklings, rice alone, nuts, sauces, cheeses, fried noodles in Shanghai style, scrambled eggs with pickled radish, Thai-style omelettes, fried eggs, fried pork, toast, bacon, pork and chicken sausages, flakes. Plus several types of jams, butter, milk with fresh banana, unsweetened yogurt.

  • Salad bar offers chopped greens and vegetables that can be combined to taste. The dressings are French, Thousand Island, vinegar.
  • Bakery products: bread, muffins, buns with sweet filling, croissants, Thai donuts with condensed milk, banana waffles with maple syrup.
  • Drinks: pineapple juice, tomato juice, orange juice, milk, water, tea, coffee, cream.
  • Fruit table: papaya, watermelon, pineapple, lime, fruit salad.

At lunch and in the evening you can eat both inside and outside. In the evenings numerous food outlets open at the hotel complex park offering dishes of world cuisines at reasonable prices. As an alternative there is a restaurant in the Ocean building.

There are many cafes around the hotel where you can have lunch and dinner at low prices, for example, on the beach on the right hand side there is a cafe where soup or borscht cost 100 baht.

Things to know

You can be fined if:

  • you rented a beach towel and did not return it until 00 in the evening;
  • you threw plastic bottles out of the room.

Upon arrival at the hotel you pay a deposit of $100. When you leave, it is completely returned if you have not had fines.

At the nightly Thai food market outside the hotel you can enjoy the sea delicacies: crab, shrimp, lobster, stingray, many types of fish, as well as shark meat. Low prices for chicken kebab – 40 baht only. The food is cooked at your presence. Here you can also buy exotic fruit and taste cocktails with ice.

To get to the market, you need to leave the hotel complex and cross the busy Sukhumvit highway. This highway can take you to Bangkok in147 km. Although there is a pedestrian crossing, nobody slows down at it. At night, there is a policeman who regulates the traffic, but he is gone during the daytime.

You need to be extremely careful and cautious crossing the road! A lot of fatal collisions with tourists happened here!

To cross the road I would recommended that you use the overpass for pedestrians located 300 meters to the left from the main entrance to the hotel.

At the overpass entrance there are currency exchange offices with a good rate open from 9.00 to 22.00, a pharmacy, a travel agency, massage parlors, Big C, 7/11 store. Usually the most favorable rate is at the yellow exchange offices.

Lifehack. In Thailand small dollar bills are not valued so exchanging them you can lose some significant amounts. Denominations of 50 and 100 dollars are accepted at the highest rate.

Pros and Cons


  1. Clean, sandy, well-groomed beach, suitable for families with children.
  2. Large well-groomed area.
  3. Large rooms with balconies.
  4. Proximity to the sea.
  5. Quality breakfasts with a lot of food variety.
  6. Restaurant on site with Russian cuisine at reasonable prices.
  7. Well developed infrastructure.


  1. Not a new building.
  2. Fines system, deposit.

Hotel reviews

Natalia from Kirov, family vacation

We are coming here for the fourth time. I like everything – the clean beach, good breakfasts, a lot of pools. We often go on excursions. We buy tours ourselves in special bureaus. It turns out cheaper. The hotel is a bit boring in the evenings. Families and elderly people usually rest here. It is almost always quiet here and the neighbors we came across were always quiet. We love local cuisine very much – it is cheap and very tasty! It is quite expensive for four of us to dine at the restaurant. So we prefer to eat outside the complex. I like everything very much and I will definitely come back again.

Vyacheslav from Samara

The furniture in the rooms is not very new, the breakfasts are a bit monotonous. But it’s okay, as they have the good beach and massage parlors everywhere, you can order a massage for 200 baht and relax. I did not like that Wi-Fi is not included and of poor quality. It is pleasant to walk through the large area. We didn’t intend much to go to the center, we just wanted to relax, sunbathe and enjoy the nature. We had a sea view in our room. Having a second shower is very convenient. We will surely come back again and try to do it during the low season not to have that many people around.

Christina from Kazan, family vacation

I liked everything very much. We came here for the first time and settled in a good large room. It was cleaned often and shower accessories were filled up. They have good, bright dining room and delicious food! My daughter really liked it! We all spent our free time either on the beach or by the pool, because the sea was sometimes muddy. It bothered us to bring the towels back in the evening. Basically, I think it is a good hotel and good service for its price. We went to a couple of excursions, one bought from a guide and the second one we went independently. We also made a trip to the center. We found a lot of interesting things there.

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