Prices in Thailand in 2019-2020: food, clothing, tours and transport

I will tell you the prices in Thailand (or more accurate, in Pattaya and Phuket) for clothes, food, excursions and transportation during high season. First of all, Pattaya is cheaper than Phuket. On average, prices are lower by 20-30%, and the cost difference cost of transport may 2 or 3 times as much. Pattaya is actually a small town with suburbs (Jomtien, Naklua), so the length of the resort is about 20 km. Phuket is a large island of more than 20 km width and  about 50 km. Therefore, the sights are scattered over a large area, which affects the prices of excursions.

Restaurant and cafe prices in Thailand

Middle level eateries
in THB
Lunch at inexpensive restaurant100 baht
Dinner for two600 baht
Capuccino60 baht
Tom Young Kung soup70 baht
Fried rice with chicken50 baht
Peking duck with rice or noodles60 baht
Pork chop with French fries120 baht
Green papaya salad (Som Tam)40 baht

In Thailand, all European dishes are much more expensive than Thai cuisine. Therefore, I recommend you try Thai cuisine and eat only in inexpensive makashes and street cafes if you have limited budget.

Prices for Thai fruits and berries

Fruit prices

Prices for fruit per kilogram in Thailand (data are updated automatically by the exchange rate)
NoNamePrice in THB
4Pineapple (1 pc.)30
5Coconut (1 pc)30
6Banana (bunch)15
7Dragon fruit (pitaya)50
9Pomelo (1 pc)25
13Passion Fruit40
17Pink Apple15
* Prices are for the Pattaya and Phuket during the particular fruit season

Each fruit has its own seasons of maturation, so the price can sometimes differ up to twice as much. Some of the fruits in Thailand are imported (grapes, apples, etc.) so they are more expensive than in other countries.

Prices for alcohol in Thailand (whiskey, beer and rum)


Name, alc.%TasteUSD PriceDescription
Sang Som Rum  40%Soft with a pleasant aftertaste$6 for 0.37 lThe most popular and most exported Thai alcohol
Hong Thong Whiskey 35%Not as good as Sang Som.$3.8 for 0.37 lOften mixed with cola or energy drink
Sang Thip Whiskey 40%Harsh$4 for 0.37 lOne of the most inexpensive strong drinks
Cavalier Whiskey 35%Similar to Ararat$10.5 for 0.6 lComplex taste
Mekhong Whiskey 35%Rough, better mix with cola. Sweet fragrance.$1.595% of raw materials melassa, 5% – rice. Causes a strong hangover. Despite the name on the label, in fact it’s a poorly-distilled rum, not whiskey.
Lao-Khao Whiskey 28% 30% 35% 40%Roughish$2 for 0.3 lMade by distillation of sato – rice wine. Sometimes soaked on snakes
Ya-Dong Balsam 50%Spicyfrom $4.2Herbal tincture
Regency Brandy 38%Soft, classic$11Good drink, one of the few Thai spirits exported

Beer prices

NameTastePrice USDDescription
Singha (Lion) 5%

Singha Light 3.5%

Bitterish, sourish aftertaste$1.6 per 0.64LMade in Bangkok
Chang (elephant) 6.4%

Chang Draught 5%

Chang Light 4.2%

Chang Export 5%

Stronger taste$1.5 per 0.64LThe version for “home” consumption is brewed from rice, pure malt is for export
Leo 3.5%Loght and fresh$1.3 per 0.64LGood thirst quencher
Lao 5%SmoothcheapDarl Laos beer
TigerSoft and freshening$1.4 per 0.64LSingapore beer
Heineken 5%Different taste to its European equivalent$2+ per bottleDespite the world-famous brand, beer is produced directly in Thailand and the taste differs from the Dutch original
Archa 5.4%Considered a “working class” with crude taste.$0.9 per 0.64LCheapest beer
Cheers 5.6%Sweet, fruity taste$1.3 per 0.64LConsidered “ladies” beer

Prices at Grocery stores, shops and street markets

Prices in Family Market and 7/11 , also in Big C Extra и Tesco.

  • sausage — 25–55 baht;
  • butter — 45-50 baht;
  • cookies — 15-30 baht;
  • bread — 20-35 baht;
  • milk  — 35-45 baht;
  • 10 eggs — 35 baht;
  • rice  — 25-35 baht;
  • chicken meat – 105 baht;
  • chees for 1 kilo– 300-400 baht;
  • vegetables – 30-40 baht;
  • water – 15 baht.



Condo rental prices in Pattaya

Check this articale about how to rent a cheap condo in Pattaya.

Pattaya condo rent prices
Condo namePrice in THB
Lumpini Park Beach Jomtien12100
Acqua Condo15400
Jomtien Beach Condominium (old)8500
View Talay (old)16300
Atlantis Condo Resort Pattaya15500
Amazon Residence Condominium15000
The Cliff Condo (Pratamnak)14500
The axis pattaya condominium (Pratamnak)16000
Laguna Beach Resort Jomtien9500
Metro Jomthien Condotel16000
Majestic Jomtien (old)8000
Baan Suan Lalana14500
Paradise Condominium10600
Cosy Beach View (Pratamnak)14200
* Prices depend on the season!

In Phuket, condo rental prices are 20-40% higher in high season. The average price for a condo starts from 12,000 baht. For 20-25,000 baht you can find quite decent housing 30 sq. m. with a swimming pool.

Prices for popular excursions in Pattaya and Phuket

Prices for popular excursions in Pattaya:

The cost of transport, taxi and songteo (tuk-tuk)

In Pattaya, the cost of songteo (local minibus) is 10-20 baht. In case of renting a songteo within the city, the price does not exceed 300-500 baht. The cost of a taxi in Pattaya is from 250 baht (in case of Grab taxi or Uber). Local taxi drivers do not really like to drive by counter and claim fixed prices for the trip. The cost of a trip on motobike is 50-200 baht. For  distance within 1-3 km they ask about 60 baht, a trip from the center of Pattaya to Jomtien or Naklua can cost up to 200 baht.

Transfer by taxi from Pattaya to Bangkok airport is 1200-1500 baht, to Bangkok by bus from 130 baht, by minibus about 200 baht.
In Phuket, the average cost of a trip is about 200 baht for 10 km and depends a lot on which Phuket beach you are going from. The cost of a trip on songteo along the routes costs 40-60 baht. A taxi ride from Karon to Patong will cost 400-500 THB, for a trip from Patong to Town, they can ask 500-800 THB, from Naiharn and Rawai to the airport upto 1500 THB.

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